Research and Development

DONGHWA Industry R&D center is ultimately looking for new protective gloves innovation and new safety solutions for hand protection.

DONGHWA Industry expertise of market Industry is worldwide and gloves development is made through a team of people expert in all the field of the glove conception, such as yarn technology and chemical raw material, knitting and dipping plants.

Always at forefront in developing advanced production concepts, we also made some important evolution in knitting technology (patent pending) and investment on new capability on dipping line

Chemistry of coatings has been developed to reduce or avoid Silicone in formulation and minimize solvents impact such as DMF. The latter has been kept under control to comply to REACH regulation since tests have been qualified according to EN-16778 by external laboratory.

New development on water-based technology to offer a wide range of technical products for Food application and Chemical industry. 

DONGHWA Industry contributes continuously to make better and safer work environment for millions of people.