About Us

DONGHWA Industry, have long-established roots in the history of hand protection.

Leader designer and manufacturer of safety gloves in South Korea focussing on developing supported gloves on seamless knitted liners using the highest technical yarn grade from the market, We have a solid reputation of quality and innovation as gloves maker.

DONGHWA industry contributes thanks the knowhow to improve years after years the performances of the safety gloves for a better Protection and Comfort. We produce our gloves in South Korea and have technical partnership in other part of Asia, including Japan.

The New range of product is covering all segment industry ( food industry – Light and heavy metal industry , Chemical industry …)

DONGHWA Industry is specialized in Industrial Safety Gloves branded:

  • FLEXOGRIP™ – polyurethane coating or seamless Liners
  • NITRAFLEX™ – nitrile foam and smooth coating- Neoprene coating
  • MAXGRIP™  – Natural rubber coating
  • KOMACHEM™ – Long-Cuffed Nitrile gloves

These brands offer the most updated features in performance and technical materials such as UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, Dyneema®,  Dyneema ® Diamond, Kevlar®……